Keep Pushing Through

(A while ago, I wrote to myself. I mean, all that I write is primarily for me to read in the future...but I intentionally wrote a letter to myself. And I'd like to do that again today because I'll need to read this again and again to keep me moving when I want to stand... Continue Reading →


Unapologetically Me

We spend so much energy trying to appease others who, more often than not, spend their energy being true to themselves. We spend so much time doing things that others don't appreciate, yet at the same time find that nobody will do the same for us. We waste OUR lives living for essence giving... Continue Reading →

Calm & The Storm

Too often we try to  control  the wrong things...we try control the uncontrollable forgetting that we haven't the power to do so. We get upset when said things won't bend to our will and forget there are things we CAN control. Those things are not the circumstances we find ourselves thrust into, or the weather,... Continue Reading →

Ask For It…For What You Need

It can seem selfish to ask for what you know you need when you've rarely done so in the past. But like I said yesterday, taking care of yourself is critical to maintaining one's mental health. It is hard to come right out and say you need help. Unfortunately, if you're a pessimist like me,... Continue Reading →

Breaking The Illusion

I took a break from writing a couple of months ago and it was eye opening. Now I feel the need to take a break from my life.     There has been a lot happening this year and I haven't had time to just be.             While I may... Continue Reading →


There's one constant in life that we cannot avoid and that is change. It happens in all manner of ways and sometimes a whole bunch of changes happen simultaneously which can knock us off balance even when we see them coming. ©Pinterest I am currently having to try and find direction after being knocked off... Continue Reading →

Oh, When It Rains…

So here's the funny thing...not ha-ha funny, but a kinda twisted funny- you may have figured things out but life waits patiently to whack you in the back of the head just when you finally feel safe. The thing with the storms in our lives, if you're like me..nobody will know about it unless you... Continue Reading →

Lax Lunacy

Solitude. Isolation. Alone. Peace. It has been strange feeling my mind calm and to feel more safe than I have in a long time. To realize that there is a reason for my discomfort around people and to see that being on my own brings a level of clarity I could not have anticipated. Now... Continue Reading →

Floating & Tethered

Some days the voices are nice..they keep  me company and time just flies by. Some days like today, the good ones drown out the fear and paranoia. On such days, there's a calm blanketing my mind and everything seems chill and nothing touches me...kinda like water off a duck's back. This tranquil, floating feeling makes... Continue Reading →

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